Moisty Boyz take down the Cable Company.

After a hard fought 400 something pulls(I lost count).... THE MOISTURE BOYZ Prevail over the evil cable empire!

Moisty Boyz pound the Ice Veetch

After a frigid 445 pulls, the Moisture Boyz thawed the mean cold lady.

Shout out to the true Freezy Boyz who soaked the most Shards!

Vorky "Queen Elsa" 28,  Phazen "Mr. Freeze" 27,  Nifx "Olaf" 23,  Surge "Frosty" 23



G’huun Gets Got!!!

After a trek into the tomb known as Uldir and vanquishing the nastiest beasts known to Nazmir, <Nothing Personal> overcame the giant grub G’huun and is moving on to the next step in the ladder.

11/11M Antorus

11/11M Antorus!

Many... Many wipes later. Argus is dead!

9/9M Kil'jaeden is dead

9/9M Kil'jaeden is dead

Kil'Jaeden is dead. 

10/10M Gul'dan is Gul'dead

Cleared the Nighthold instance.